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ScriptX Digital Archiving

ScriptX is the best solution you need to manage your documents and paper archive, to protect it and to make information more accessible


A complete web solution to manage your documents, archives and media in one place easily and effectively

Meet ScriptX

ScriptX is a complete, out of the box solution for digital archiving management in different organizations, scaling from SMBs to government sectors. Using ScriptX will keep your organization documents safe from being lost or damaged by human errors or natural disasters. It also facilitates information access inside the organization effectively, helps organizations save a lot of time, costs and efforts, and decreases the reserved office space that is used to store paper documents.

Why Do You Need ScriptX?

  • Keeping documents safe from loss and damage
  • Information Accessibility, More Productivity and Efficiency
  • Better Resources Utilization, Lower Costs
  • Enhancing Information Security
  • Handling Electronic Documents
  • Email Archiving

The Perfect Solution

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